Pray for: Syncretism, false teaching, and idolatry, for mission agencies, for an end of trafficking, prostitution, and exploitation.
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Population: 7,304,580

Rank: 19th, Central Africa, 102nd world

Languages: French (Official)
Major People Groups: 7% Guinean, 46% Gur, 7% Other

integrity in government • relief from conflict • those bereaved, harmed and displaced by civil war • the many Christian ministries and Christian majority • those attracted to Islam

In 2005, following the death of their president, Gnassingbé Eyadéma, the military appointed his son as the next leader, which led to violent protests and 40,000 people fleeing the country. The nation has one political party (Rally of the Togolese People) and is also a military-civilian regime, which gives civilians control of the military.

This French-speaking nation was anti-Christian in the 1970's but has since become more ambivalent, giving its people religious freedom. Christianity has grown significantly since the 1990's, and Christ is now claimed by 30% of the population. The rest follow traditional African beliefs (50%) and Islam (20%). Unity within the Church and syncretism have become huge issues for believers as ancestor worship and other African rituals have made their way into Christian services. There is a great need for the younger generation to be reached, with over 300,000 orphaned and unwanted children exploited in the sex trade and child labor. Others are being manipulated with the promise of work and converting to Islam. Pray that the Church will be able to break away from the traditional beliefs, such as ancestor worship, and that the Togolese believers will continue to grow in their faith.

Togo Government

Faure Gnassingbé,President of Togo since 2005.

National Assembly
Parties Seats
Union for the Republic 62
Save Togo Collective 19
Rainbow Alliance 6
Union of Forces for Change 3
Patriotic Pan-African Convergence 0
New Togo Engagement 0
Independents 1
Other parties 0

Christian ministries operating

In Togo Size
Calvary Ministries M
Christian Blind Mission International S
International Partnership Ministries M
Literacy and Evangelism International S
Mennonite Mission Network M
Pioneers M
SEL France S
TearFund UK

Togo Conditions

Many diseases plague the Togolese people, including HIV/AIDS and Malaria, which is the leading cause of death in the nation. There are also some ethnic tensions between the people in the north and the south. Women are legally considered equal, but culturally they are still inferior and are discriminated against in the workplace and government programs. The society is extremely patrilineal. Agriculture is the largest economic sector and employs 65% of the workforce. The average daily income in Togo is under $1.25.

Life expectancy in Togo is about 60 years, and infant mortality is relatively high; but both statistics have been steadily improving over the past ten years.

Togo is a small sliver of land on the southern West African coast, bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.

GMO's Stats on Togo

In 2017, Global Media Outreach registered 148,376 gospel visits, 16,425 indicated decisions and 14,938 discipleship visits. We have one Online Missionary who lives in Togo.


“Dear I gave my life to Christ on 3/1/2010 after listening to one pastor in a crusade but is like am alone cause I have left my friends and they left me too. The only person I have in this life is Christ and I know He will see me through; please, I will need your prayers and words of God to help me in this race; if possible I will need a Holy Bible and some good Christian books. May God bless you” —Togo Contact Daniel

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Member Prayer Requests/Praise Report from last week

Alice: I am home from the hospital and starting rehab nearby. The doctors tell me my survival is a miracle, and I know God used the prayers of many who did not give up on me. I have a long road ahead to be able to walk and be independent, but my husband has been my best therapist and patient nurse, and God keeps me going. I live to tell of His mercy and goodness, for whatever my physical condition now, I am whole in my Redeemer.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop for prayer. I had so many contacts from Nigeria, the people there are spiritually hungry and beset by problems we can’t imagine.

Deborah: I’m in Alaska visiting my daughter, granddaughter, son-in-law, and his mother. I’ll be here till early August. We are 4 hrs ahead of Delaware, so while it’s 9:30am in Delaware, it’s just 5:30am in Alaska. I am not a morning person so I won’t promise that I’ll be on the call, but I will pray for Nigeria. I just signed a petition with International Christian Concerns to pressure the government to help the farmers who are attacked by terrorist groups.

Frank: read - “the insanity of God” Nick Ripkin. Story of what he author went through trying to establish missions in Somalia. Studied how to be successful in places where there’s tremendous persecution. Went to Russia, China, other countries to study & ask people. Getting from 10-15 contacts per day.