Pray for: Namibia - High unemployment. Among the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world. For the less-reached Fwe, Gciriku, San, Herero, Kung-Ekoka, Kung-Tsumkwe, Mbalanhu, Mbukushu, Nama, Naro, Nusan, Nyemba, Ovimbundu, Subia, Tswana, Vasekela Bushman and Yeyi people groups.
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Republic of Namibia

Population: 2,484,780

Rank: Africa #41; World: #141

Languages: Oshivambo languages 48.9%, Nama/Damara 11.3%, Afrikaans 10.4% (common language of most of the population and about 60% of the white population), Otjiherero languages 8.6%, Kavango languages 8.5%, Caprivi languages 4.8%, English (official) 3.4%, other African languages 2.3%, other 1.7%
Major People Groups: 73% Bantu, 8% Khuisan, 6% Damara

The scars of Namibia's colonial and apartheid past are gradually healing and the country is experiencing stability and some economic progress; yet major social issues like poverty, AIDS, and reconciliation still loom over Namibia's future. There is a need to re-reach many peoples so that biblical faith can be restored throughout Namibia's many churches. Thankfully, there has been much united prayer by Christians and Namibia is marked by a significant national prayer movement.

Namibia is in many ways quite similar to South Africa. Since it was ruled under the apartheid system, Namibia also has many of the problems resulting from that system.

It is important to be aware that race is a common part of Namibian discourse. That is to say, Namibians will refer to the race of others more frequently than travellers from places where race is typically not an issue, would expect. Because of apartheid, race is an issue in many spheres of life, so it comes up a lot. In spite of this, the various races do get along well in Namibia, and it is fairly uncommon to find racial tensions flaring.

Namibia is similar to South Africa, and if you're used to travelling in one country, travelling in the other country is quite easy. There are some subtle differences. For example, in South Africa a non-white person may choose to speak English rather than Afrikaans (as a political choice) whereas among Namibia's mixed-race population (who call themselves 'colored' in Namibia and South Africa) Afrikaans is a proud part of their culture, and many people still speak German. Overlooking these differences isn't going to cause offense, but they're handy to know.

Republic of Namibia Government


Namibian President Hage Geingob

Christian ministries operating

The Christian community makes up 80%–90% of the population of Namibia, with at least 75% being Protestant, and at least 50% Lutheran. Lutherans are the largest religious group – a legacy of the German and Finnish missionary work during the country's colonial times. 10%–20% of the population hold indigenous beliefs.

Missionary activities during the second half of the 19th century resulted in many Namibians converting to Christianity. Today most Christians are Lutheran. But statistics also include Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, African Methodist Episcopal, Dutch Reformed and Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

There are only about 9,000 Muslims in the country, many of whom are Nama. Namibia is home to a small Jewish community of about 100 members.

In Namibia
Advent Christian General Conference
Assemblies of God World Missions
Dutch Reformed Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Operation World
SIM International
Walk Through the Bible

Republic of Namibia Conditions

Namibia is in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and the Atlantic Ocean.

GMO's Stats on Republic of Namibia

In 2016, GMO registered 207,086 gospel visits, 30,477 indicated decisions and 25,263 discipleship visits from Namibia. We have one Online Missionary in Namibia: Letichia Januarie.


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