What Does That Mean?

The Internet is the biggest mission field in the world. Networked handheld mobile devices (internet-capable cellphones) are making it accessible for almost everyone in the world. How can Christians in our time harness this unprecedented access to bring the Good News to the world?

In Galatians 4:4, the Bible tells us that Jesus' coming was "at the fulness of time."

The First Advent and Apostolic Age

At that time, there was a world empire (Rome), which had become so dominant that the Pax Romana, or "Roman Peace," had resulted. The Koine Greek language of the previous world empire had spread through the ancient world, and a system of Roman Roads brought trade, culture and understanding to areas formerly cut off from one another. Paul and the other Apostles leveraged these conditions and innovations to make disciples of all nations, so that within a generation, Paul could declare that "indeed in the whole world [the gospel] is bearing fruit and increasing" (Colossians 1:6)

The Reformation

Around the time of the Protestant Reformation, Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the movable-type printing press brought unprecedented access to God's Word to the common people and made it easier for writers like Martin Luther to publish the truth.


In 1990, if you had been given advance knowledge about what World Wide Web would become, what would you do with that knowledge? Companies who paid stock options to their employees turned them into millionaires overnight when they went public or split stock prices. With foresight, simply purchasing Internet domains could make you fabulously wealthy.

Walt Wilson, former Apple Computer executive and Vice President of Computer Sciences Corporation, was given that kind of understanding when he was invited to MIT Labs to see an early version of the World Wide Web.

Instead of thinking how he could increase his wealth, Walt, a fervent Christian, thought: "what if we could use this to bring the gospel to the whole world? What if we could meet them at their point of need?"